Our Story

Founded in Atlanta in 2007, world Green Coffee (WGC) at first was in business under the name of Mk Agriculture & Foods a large food commodity trading company specializing in the exports of food to many destinations in the Middle East and Africa. Later on, World Green Coffee (WGC) became a company of its own with the mission to supply both specialist and regular grade coffees to small traders, and private roasters with the mission to build strong relationships and offer the best coffee beans.

We still live by this philosophy today, providing our customers across the globe, with the right coffee for their needs. We have done this with extensive travels to many coffees growing regions and building a long-term trusting relationship with the people in the coffee growing countries.

From Brazil to India, from Kenya to Ethiopia, and Indonesia and Vietnam, Arabica and Robusta Coffee is a product that we have traded for years. We work directly with coffee farms and co-ops to guarantee the highest quality, and the best price.

Our Mission

To bring to our customers the highest quality green coffees in the world.

Guarantee the best prices & offer superior logistics services.

We welcome you as a customer and part of our world Green Coffee family