Vietnam Coffee

Vietnam Coffee

Vietnam is a Robusta Country and is the second largest producer of Coffee in the world after Brazil, with Robusta Coffee accounting for 97 % of Vietnam’s total production. It produces more than 29 Million bags of Coffee annually.


Vietnamese Robusta might include: chocolate-y, nutty, and earthy taste. Many find it bitter and strong which is why it is considered perfect for Espresso or Arabic coffee and a favorite instant coffee producers.

Typica and Bourbon are premium categories of Arabica but are rarely found. Most of the Arabica is of the Catimor variety. 

  • Typical Varieties: 95% Robusta, 5% Arabica: Catimor & Excelsa Varieties
  • Harvest Time: October-April
  • Bag Size: 60 KG

Robusta Coffee

  • Robusta Natural 13, 16, 18
  • Robusta Wet 13, 16, 18

Arabica Coffee

  • Arabica Natural 13, 16, 18