Ethiopia Coffee

Ethiopia Coffee

Ethiopia produces over 200,000 Mt of green coffee and most is Arabica. 95% is considered to be organic.

Ghimbi Coffees, are produced in the western region of Ethiopia. Known for their complex tastes and aromas, the Ghimbi coffees are known for their sharp acidity and richness.

Sidamo Coffees are Complex, and full-bodied grown in southern Ethiopia exhibiting a very rich mouthfeel with a bright and lively finish.

Yirgacheffes Coffees, are Also grown in the south. They have delicate-bodied with a spicy fragrance, floral aroma and pleasant, sweet taste followed with tones of citrus. Most of the finest southern Ethiopia coffees are wet processed coffees.

Harrara Coffes are grown In Ethiopia’s eastern region. However, the finest coffees are generally dry processed. Harraras are known for their winey and fruity notes with tones of blueberry and a pleasant overall complexity with a dry edge. Harraras are bright coffees with the acidity sometimes described as brilliant.

Djimma Coffees may be wet or dry processed, with the wet-processed Djimmas generally being well -respected as a low-acid coffee.

Lekempti and Limu, are other fine Ethiopian coffees. Grown as high as 6,200 feet above sea level, Limu coffee is well balanced with a low acidity and nice spicy and winey flavors providing a sweet vibrancy to the coffee, sometimes quite sharp. Its taste is known for its fruity and caramel aroma, with notes of vanilla. It has a delicate and a mild acidity 

Harvest season: October-may

Ethiopia Arabica:

  • Djimma Washed 1,2
  • Djimma unwashed 1,2,3,4,5
  • Sidamo Washed 1,2
  • Sidamo unwashed 1,2,3,4,5
  • Yirgacheffee Washed 1, 2
  • Harara Natural 1,2
  • Lekempti Washed 1,2
  • Lekempti unwashed 1,2